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Evidence-based Nursing Case for Tracheostomy Tube Exchange Cycle

Kyung Suk Park,Young Jin Cho,Soo Hyung Ko,Eun Hye Yang,Byung Nam Park,Jeong Ok Park,Eun Jeoung Seo,Hyun Jin Lee,Eun Ji Seo

Evidence-Based Nursing Case for Intake Measurement Method

Kyoung Hee Kim,Jung Soon Park,Na Hyoun Kim,Su Min Nam,Jeong Ok Park,Eun Jeoung Seo,Hyun Jin Lee,Hee Jun Kim

Evidence-Based Nursing Case for Optimal Pediatric Fall Risk Assessment tools

Hee Young Kim,Yoon Chung Chung,Eun Young Lim,Sang Hwa Kim

Analysis of the Present Condition of Spiritual Nursing Diagnosis using Clinical Big Data

Hyoungsoon Kim,Hyunsook Park,Hyun Sook Chung,Mi Kyoung Kim,Eunyoung Park,Dong Yeon Kim

The Effect of the Spiritual Kangaroo Care Program on an Infant’s Physical Growth, Behavioral State and Maternal Infant Attachment

Ye Won Lee,Byeol Ra Ryu,Dong Yeon Kim,Yun Suk Hwang,Hye Min Kwon,E Rang Lim,Ji Soo Seo