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Evidence-based Nursing Case for Whether Repeated Blood Culture Influences Effective Bacterial Identification Rate in Patient with Persistent Fever

Na Hyoun Kim,Hyun Yim Choi,Mi Soon Lee,Mi Kyung Lee,Da Eun Han,Hye Jung Kim,Joung Soon Choi,Mi Jung Lee,Jeong Ok Park,Eun Jeoung Seo

Application and Evaluation of Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline for Blood Culture

Eunhwa Kim, Mija Lee, Hyerim Cho, Jinyeong Lee, Jaesook Yang, Jeongeun Song, Eunhye Shin, Yeongae Moon, Jina Jung, Eunsook Lee, Jeonghwa Hwang, Myungsook Kim, Miae Jung, Yeonsoo Jang