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Evidence-based Nursing Case for Tracheostomy Tube Exchange Cycle

Kyung Suk Park,Young Jin Cho,Soo Hyung Ko,Eun Hye Yang,Byung Nam Park,Jeong Ok Park,Eun Jeoung Seo,Hyun Jin Lee,Eun Ji Seo

Evidence-Based Nursing Case for Intake Measurement Method

Kyoung Hee Kim,Jung Soon Park,Na Hyoun Kim,Su Min Nam,Jeong Ok Park,Eun Jeoung Seo,Hyun Jin Lee,Hee Jun Kim

Evidence-Based Nursing Case for Optimal Pediatric Fall Risk Assessment tools

Hee Young Kim,Yoon Chung Chung,Eun Young Lim,Sang Hwa Kim

Evidence-based Nursing Case for Standardization of Clear Liquid Diet Intake Time before Gastroscopy

In Ja Yoon,Sung Hee Cho,Ju Hee Jeon,Hye Young Kim,Bo Young Yun,Sang Jung Lee

Evidence-based Nursing Case for Necessity of Transfusion Premedication

Su Jin Moon,Jeong Ok Park,Eun Jeoung Seo,Jin Oh Choi,Kyeong Hee Kim

Evidence-based Nursing Case for Whether Repeated Blood Culture Influences Effective Bacterial Identification Rate in Patient with Persistent Fever

Na Hyoun Kim,Hyun Yim Choi,Mi Soon Lee,Mi Kyung Lee,Da Eun Han,Hye Jung Kim,Joung Soon Choi,Mi Jung Lee,Jeong Ok Park,Eun Jeoung Seo

Evidence-based Nursing Case of Necessity of Bladder Training before Catheter Removing from Short Term Catheter Maintenance Patient

Ye Seul Ahn,Hyun jin Lee,Ji Young Park,Jung Lim Kim,Hyun Joo Park,Jeong Hwa Ham,Kyung Hwa Han,Jeong Ok Park,Eun Jeoung Seo

Evidence-based Nursing Case For Standardization of the Storage Period of Sterilized Instrument

Yoon Hee Kim,Kyung Ja Kim,So Yeon Lee,Jeong Soon Kwon,In Sil Jang

Evidence-based Nursing Case for Reduction of Fasting Time before Measuring Plasma Lipid Profile

Hyun Jeong Kim,Kwang Hee Park,Ja Hyun Koo,Eun Young Choi,Jee Ae Han,Min Ji Lee,Mi Young Park

Evidence-based Nursing Case for Standardization of Fasting Time before Measuring Plasma Lipid Profile

Hyun Yim Choi,Mi Mi Park,Eun Jeoung Seo,Jeong Ok Park,Joung Soon Choi,Chan Bun Park,In Soon Kim,Sun Young Park,Mi Kyung Lee,Seung Jin Paek,Eun Kyoung Hyun

Current Status for Evidence-based Nursing in the Hospitals and Roles of the Korean Society of Evidence-Based Nursing

Kyung Hee Park,Jae Sim Jeong,Joo-Hyun Kim,Jeong Soon Kwon,Kyeong Sug Kim,Eun-Young Hong,Hyun Hee Lee,Young Sun Jung,Jae Geum Ryu,Ihn Sook Jeong,Kyung Choon Lim,Insil Jang,Young Eun

Current Status of Teaching Evidence-based Nursing to Nursing Students and Educational Strategies for Dissemination

Miyoung Choi,Jae Sim Jeong,Jeong Soon Kwon,Kyeng Sug Kim,Seon Heui Lee,Hyun Ju Seo,Young Sun Jeong,Ihn Sook Jeong,Hyun Hee Lee,Eun Hyeon Kim,Young Ae Cho,Shin Mi Kim,Young Eun

Current Status of Evidence-based Nursing at Department of Nursing among Acute Care Hospitals in Korea

Jeong Soon Kwon,Jae Sim Jeong,Kyeong Sug Kim,Sun Kyung Kim,Shin Mi Kim,Eun Hyeon Kim,Hyun Ju Seo,Seon Heui Lee,Young Sun Jeong,Ihn Sook Jeong,Young Ae Cho,Young Eun

Current Status of Evidence-Based Nursing in General Hospitals in Korea

Young Ae Cho, Mee Ock Gu, Jae Sim Jeong, Young Eun, Shin Mi Kim, Ihn Sook Jung, Myung Sook Park, Jeong Soon Kwon, Young Sun Jung, Kyeongsug Kim, Myong Hwa Park, Kyunghee Kim

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